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12 years investing in training to improve the present and the future

The Spanish Association for Fundraising prepares, for one more year, the Annual Fundraising Congress, an unforgettable event for the professionals of the Third Sector that will celebrate its twelfth edition in Barcelona, on the 18th and 19th of September with the intervention of Ramon Bartomeus of
Fecha: 18/09/2012
Duración: 2 Días 
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In this occasion from, we will moderate the Crowfunding workshop with the intervencion of 4 of the most significant platforms: Teaming, Microdonations, Make It Possible, and Smileworld. 

Although the program is not closed, we already have the first ideas for the title and the revitalizing argument:

The immense joy of giving
On the skin of the the donors there are 4 temperaments, 4 forms of seeing the world, and 4 platforms of crowdfunding. 

1 Tactics

I, here and now, am making a better world. I enjoy the incentives that I find at my step, I am doing something useful and practical, and I feel daring in this new world. I trust my impulse and I am creating a concrete impact on society, on the environment, and on the animals. I value generosity very much.

I recognize that between the artists, craftsmen, promoters, and composers, I like operating with machines and I want for us to be given the opportunity to compose, interpret, promote, and conduct projects with all of our talent. We are tactical and intelligent, and with this step we can fulfill our new objective.

SmileWorld is the world that I am creating.

2 Logistics

Mi grano de arena
We trust in a person. We have always helped those that need it, and this gives us security in a well organized society. We like to follow the traditions and choose the safest way; we are charitable and we trust in authority. We want to follow the leader of the project and we feel like a part of your support group. We greatly appreciate your gratitude because it is well-born to be thankful.

We are guardians, directors, administrators, conservatives, supervisors, inspectors, workers and proetectors; we like to work with people, we talk about concrete cases and we want to have everything under control. Tell us you need us, trust us, appreciate our efforts, and our logistical intelligence will provide all of the resources to avoid our world from worsening.

We follow you, we are a part of this, and we participate in the collection of My Grain of Sand.

3 Diplomáticos

We are going to change the world because we are an incredible team; we are altruistic enthusiastics and good people. We trust in our institution, we love ideas and we hope for the recognition of our team.

We are teachers, advisors, caregivers, mentors, lawyers and defense diplomats of big causes. You can call us idealists, but imagine what we can achieve between all of us.

And for this we dream in our 'Teaming' group to create our causes. 


These days I am appreciating the distinct projects to invest in and the objectives I can achieve.  I am going to make the decision for myself and I have confidence in the solid reasons. 

I find that between the strategists, coordinators, organizors, engineers, inteventers, and architects, I want to attack the causes of the problems with easier solutions so that the others will believe that it's magic. 
And for this, what is most reasonable to do is to make a micro-donation to a project that is useful and strategic.. 

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