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Títulos y resumen en todas partes will worldwide spread the world and share the results as partner of NonProfit Tech For Good. The NGO technology research aims gaining a better comprehension of how NGO and non-profits all around the world use technology in order to get new stakeholders and donors.
Fecha: 31/10/2017
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Sponsored by the Public Interest Registry and researched by Nonprofit Tech for Good, the report is groundbreaking in that it is the only research project dedicated to studying how charitable organizations worldwide use web and email communications, online and mobile fundraising tools, and social and mobile media. is the official partner of this project and supports the research together with NGOs from Romania, Hungary, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece and Poland. 

The third edition of the Global NGO Technology Report will be released January 29, 2018. The survey is 100% anonymous and no questions are asked that will reveal personal, identifiable information. In 2016, the same research gave as a result the following data. On his hand, has always had a researcher soul. As a proof, they launched a survey called "Solidarity and me" and carried out in 2011, asking more than 2.500 Internet users in Spain about their priorities when donating online. 

In 2018, will build the project TURN ONline in order to disseminate practises of digital transformation tools and online activism with the collaboration of NGOs from Romania, Hungary, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece and Poland. Partner countries will also be able to help in the creation of this research and results will be useful in order to prepare the sessions of the project. 


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