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Satellite connection in San Ixtán

The local project of Adeco in San Ixtán (Jalpatagua, Guatemala) has a satellite connection thanks to the participation of Foundation.

Since last february, the local project of Adeco   in San Ixtán (Jalpatagua, Guatemala) has a satellite connection. Above connection is a donation of Incale, S.L. , a company that Foundation  has presented to the local coordinators of the project Adeco in Guatemala, that up to now did not have a telephonic cable.

Computers in San IxtanLast year, Incale, s.l., distributor of industrial brushes and soap producer of Catalonia (Spain), decided to assign the annual budget for Christmas gifts to clients and suppliers to a good cause. Therefore, the company asked for the local necessities of the project and decided to purchase a connection satellite for San Ixtán.

This link allows the connection of the school of San José Obrero in San Ixtán with Internet and the students will have the opportunity to participate to the pilot course of Absoo, the e-learning project of Foundation  starting on march.

                                                  Incale, s.l.

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