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The beginning of a new course

The new course has made our people are some comments.

27/02/2004 Now that we are initiating a new course, we would like to share with you some of the comments of our volunteers and managers of the local centers.
As we already explained in the Ab•soo section, last the second edition of the course “Introduction to on-line training”  started on January 26 as part of the Ab•soo Program.

Within the Virtual Education Environment that Campus for Peace has made available for Foundation to develop the program Ab•soo there is a section reserved for what we call working groups. In that section volunteers, managers of local centers, membrers of Foundation and professionals from Campus for Peace discuss about the evolution of their work and share their experience.
The beginning of this second edition made them talk about their excitement and share their success, their fears and happiness and above all their willingness to help each other and to reduce the digital divide.
Today, we want to share with you some of those comments:

Carme Rovira-"Call it gossiping but…How did the first day of the course go? How many groups do you have? How many students) Are you 2 consultants per group? One per group? I’m thinking about more questions…"


Carme Rovira. Volunteer. She is participating in the preparation of the course “Training for Trainers On-line”.


Félix Díaz- "I can tell you some of what we do…this ways we can share our enthusiasm or our fears in these amazing days. (just a few tiny  fears, huh?) 
To be fair we can say little about the development yet.  Coordinators and teachers have sent their welcome and introduction message but participants have not yet entered the classrooms. We have to take into account the time difference between here (Spain) and there  Jutiapa/Querétaro/Dominican Republic. When is dinner time for me they are having lunch and when I am going to bed they are starting class. Marvelous things about transatlantic  virtual interaction!
There is not a lot to say yet but keep on asking !"

Félix Díaz. Volunteer. Professor of one of the groups which started the course “Introduction to training on-line" on January 26, 2004. 

Gemma Bello- "To tell you the truth I’m a little bit nervous, and very, very excited, to imagine that they are reading me on the other side of the Atlantic.  Wow! "


Gemma Bello. Volunteer. Professor of one of the groups which started the course “Introduction to training on-line" on January 26, 2004.

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