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Answer to the catastrophe

After the catastrophe produced by the tsunami, many web pages were published to provide an answer to the affected ones and those who wanted more information.

The roar of the catastrophe reduces us to silence. From thousands of kilometers, for a while, we look astonished the television, without reaction capability.
Tsunami en el Indico
But in seconds everything changes. With the same speed that the water carries away the life of thousands of people among the rubbish of the Indian Ocean, the consciences wake from the catharsis and require an answer ; solidaric, scientific, any information about a  disappeared relative,...

Internet. Place of immediate answers. Just in a few hours we found information specially made for the situation, consolation of some, resource for others.

From lists of missing people  published by relatives all around the world informing about their worries, to extensive information about the tsunami of 2004, passing through sections about the fifth strongest earthquake of History in scientific webs or image galleries impossible to describe...and, of course, donation areas belonging to NGO who rush to help the victims.

With a dynamism that the local situation do not allow and an avalanche of information press alone can not provide, Internet shows itself as the media that provides answers to the catastrophe to those who need to know more.

Translation Julio Rojas

Laia Duran
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