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What's SPAM?

SPAM is an invasion of our mailboxes, that collapses the bandwith of our Internet connections, reduces the productivity and in some cases it can be offensive to the receiver.

Spam. It’s an habitual word in the Internet users. Why? Because it's nearly impossible to find an user that hasn’t been affected by Spam.

In the beginning they are only curious messages, but one day cleaning the box has became the everyday starter … what means loosing time, productivity and wellbeing.

In general, the Internet user resigns oneself: “at least it isn’t a virus, it can’t hurt my computer”.

But, is that true? What’s spam? How can we eliminate it?

Spam is known as all the e-mail don’t demanded that, usually, makes a commercial promotion purpose.

Spam messages that we receive in our e-mail aren’t virus. However they became very annoying and abundant, their only purpose is commercial or informative. But with this purpose, these messages invade our boxes, collapse the bandwidth of our Internet connections, affect our working rhythm and also (why deny it) attack our well feeling. Their content can offend us or can irritate us with their presence. So: yes, spam hurts us.

Our e-mail can reach spam distributors by different ways:

  • by forwarded e-mails to several persons when the address isn’t black copy.

  • by answering “unsubscribe” to one of these spasm to eliminate our e-mail address from their list (this is a trick to know that our address is correct and therefore to send more spam).

  • from a chat session

Nowadays there are standards and technological protocols designed to eliminate spam, and they put spammers in black lists, making easier to block their actions.

But the main problem to eradicate spam isn’t a technological impediment. In fact, it’s some big Internet providers negligence, that they do nothing to go out from black lists. This is very serious, because some of these lists consider spammers both the individuals that send spam and providers that lodge spammers, and do nothing to avoid bad use of Internet.

That means that if a provider finds himself in one of this anti-spam lists, all their users (million of innocent users that only want to send a correct e-mail to a friend, to a client, to a provider…) will be marked as spammers, hindering their correct communication and damaging their company image in some cases.

This is why it’s very important to demand our Internet providers (yes, who lodge our domains and offer us a free e-mail account) don’t to be in black lists and to do all their best to eradicate spam.

In the last months has worked very hard to reinforce spam blocking systems and to protect even better their Ab·core users.

Laia Duran
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