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The experience of UNITAR NY with the use of Ab·core

Last December started offering its technological services to UNITAR NY, the American head office of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research.
Only three months after the beginning of this collaboration, the web of UNITAR NY already offers a completely updated view and full of resources for the Net users

Laura Fähndrich, current person in charge on communications for UNITAR NY, is telling us what incidences Ab·core have had in the every day of this big organization

Unitar"UNITAR NY uses Ab·core especially to update our own web page. We also use the webmail and we have created several accounts for the different courses and for our most recent staff (in the past we were depending on the UNO head office in New York and it was an expensive and long process).

Before the use of Ab·core, the page was very difficult to access. There were several persons in charge of the page (with the confusion that it supposes), it was a broken linkage, empty pages and just a few information per day. Apart from that, the page was only in English and was not reflecting the dynamism of the team that is employed at UNITAR NY.

Today we have a page in 3 languages, a lot of updated information (although the English page keeps on being the most exhaustive), and we can be as creative or dynamic as we want, apart from being independent as well. "

We have created, as well, a service with news to announce our two other offices’ courses, and doing this before was an extremely complicated task.We still have a lot to do since we want to include forms online and more services, but Ab·core has changed its life and its image!!"

As the users of Ab·core already know, the services that we prefer are those that help making our work, even if they don’t look so significant. In particular, Laura Fähndrich and her colleagues of UNITAR NY have been favourably surprised with the existence of the HTML Blocks:

"We are fans of the functionality of the HTML Blocks. To be able to change the menus easily, without having to apply to a webmaster or without having to wait several days, that is really a luxury!!
We love the statistics as well. It is very useful to know whether the number of visitors is increasing, or most of our visitors come from the United States or any other places of the world or what is the most visited page."

We are convinced that our friends of UNITAR NY, as the rest of our beneficiaries, will keep amazed about us and discovering all the possibilities that Ab·core can offer.

From we will keep working to make it possible.


The UNITAR New York Office was opened in October 1996, in accordance with various resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly and with a decision of the Institute's Board of Trustees. The key mandate of the Office is to organize training for delegates of Member States. The Office is also called upon to strengthen UNITAR's cooperation with the United Nations Secretariat, programmes and funds, as well as with academia, foundations and the private sector in the Americas.

The New York Office of UNITAR is dedicated to fulfilling its small part in the broader mandate of the United Nations. Through its progressive focus on the training component of  "training and research" over the last thirteen years, it has been able to refine its curriculum to respond to the needs and interests of permanent missions of Member States and others in the United Nations community. Its training activities continue to focus on economic and social development and on peace and security.

The New York Office thus works to offer a variety of different and stimulating educational activities ranging from : general orientation classes on the United Nations to permanent mission newcomers; briefings on technical topics in international law such as law of the sea, environmental law or intellectual property law; thematic workshops on current issues of interest such as WTO and trade dispute settlement; skills-based instruction on information technology, negotiations, and oratory skills; and unique educational opportunities in the form of fellowships at prominent universities in New York.

Further, UNITAR's New York Office seeks to tailor its activities to current needs and interests of the international community. This year, workshop series will be offered covering areas such as: international migration; international negotiations and peacekeeping; and information and communications technology

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