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The Internet Festival 2006

Come to take part with to the Internet Festival 2006!

It is going to take place from May 2nd to 17th and the last day we will celebrate together, for the first time, the World Internet Day.

Last year took place the first edition of the Internet Festival, FesInternet, where was also present. This year the festival will go on for 15 days, and the aim is that FesInternet would be always present and would become the door to a new society of knowledge with the collaboration of everybody.
This year, with the subject “Internet is easy, it is useful” we want to show that it’s easy to access to Internet and to the society of knowledge, and that can be also useful for the whole world. The fundamental targets that this initiative is looking for are:

  • To be the network closer to people
  • To show the facility to access to the network and its utility in very different fields (thinking on people coming from very different conditions and, therefore, with different interests)
  • To make realize the clear advantages that it has, either at personal or working level
  • To show the approach of Internet and the digitalis literacy as an easy and lively thing joins the initiative with an original proposal - the BocaTICs- small capsule of knowledge that helps to take profit of Internet and to its utilities. BocaTICs is opened to everybody and has been created specially for people linked to the non lucrative organizations.

You can see the BocaTICs on the webpage, and you can do your own proposals of BocaTICs sharing these small tricks that make Internet easy and useful.

Finally on April 17th we will have an open doors day at in Barcelona, where we will serve the BocaTICs in courses of 15 minutes duration.

We are waiting for you!

BocaTICs online: from 2nd to 17th of May
Open doors day: 17th of May, 2006
Schedule: from 11am to 7pm
Place: Cucurulla, 9, 2n , 2a , Barcelona, next to Portal de l'Àngel

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