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Experiences of virtual communities

Many organizations are using Ab·core virtual communities developed by to manage and organize their network groups.

Since most of these communities have members-only access, we cannot show them here. However, we will outline some of their objectives.

International network activity

Virtual communities are mainly used by organizations sharing common objectives. An outstanding example of this is the Digital Democratization of Guatemala project, which can be visited since the greater part of this community is open to internet users.

Ten organizations of different countries take part in this community which has more than 300 members working in different groups. Some of these groups also offer training.

Coordination of Entities

ECAS (Catalan Entities of Social Action) constitutes a good example of a virtual community used as a tool to coordinate entities working in the same area. Coordination is carried out through internal and external commissions, and spheres of action. Thus each commission is established as a working group within the framework of a virtual community.

Another example is EAPN (European Anti Poverty Network) which provides an excellent explanation of what networking is about on their website.

Internal working groups

Some organisations use virtual communities to share documents and to bring together groups of coordinators and others. A good example is Interfaith Council on Ethics Education for Children.

Meeting point

In other cases, the essential element is the use of the virtual community as a meeting point with the beneficiaries and with those who may be interested in contributing to the debate. See, for example, Mediatk, which is a completely open community.

With the aim of promoting all the possibilities of virtual communities, organizes training activities in which you are invited to participate.

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