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La Marató de TV3 is TV3's annual Telethon

La Marató de TV3 is TV3's annual Telethon. This project was created by Televisió de Catalunya to obtain funds for scientific research into diseases which are currently incurable. As every year Iwith volunteers participate.

The Telethon also aims to raise public awareness of the illnesses and show how living with people who suffer from these illnesses can upset family life and affect society as a whole. It especially focuses on the need to encourage research on how to prevent these diseases, improve treatment and ultimately, find a cure.

A major publicity campaign is organized to achieve these goals,. It includes a variety of communication projects which all lead up to the big closing event: a live 14-hour television program.

The funds raised from this huge endeavor are invested in scientific technology and research projects. The social benefits, though less tangible, are equally important and involve bringing the illness to the public eye and fostering a better understanding of it. Since 1996 the TV3 Telethon Foundation has been in charge of managing the funds raised. Accounts are published periodically.

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