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IESE-SIGMA Third Sector’s First Meeting

On Tuesday 29th May 2007, the 3rd Sector’s first meeting will be held on IESE’s campus in Madrid.

With the name of spacexchange, IESE invites us all to a meeting with the different economic and social sectors ─companies, government agencies and non-profit organisations.

Spacexchange is a space for information, research, exchange and participation. It is aimed at non-profit organizations and all those companies that want to contribute to their professionalism.

In we believe that non-profit organizations must place a bet on professional and quality works, and we have received IESE’s cooperation in various occasions; therefore, we are taking part in the survey that is being conducted in order to know how non-profit organizations (foundations, associations, etc.) are positioned in the capturing of funds to guarantee our sustainability.

Translation by Gabriela Rodríguez

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