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Headline news opens the campus to Idealistas.

Being part of the framework of collaboration with, this is a new step to provide technological support to a social movement that is bringing together more than 80.000 people from 70 countries during this week. opens the campus to communities worldwide.

“Right now, on two different floors of a building somewhere, there are two people looking out of the window and dreaming that there is a garden or a park outside, instead of a barren land. However, taking action with no additional help can be difficult. It’s impossible to let people who live in both rich and poor areas know that they are not alone, that a couple of blocks down the road, that upstairs or downstairs from them, there are other people who would be happy to work with them if they knew where to find them. "

This is how Ami Dar, Director of, started off this initiative on the 18th January, an initiative that is spreading all over the world like a big wave of solidarity. The figures are significant: 83.754 people from 70 different countries volunteered to attend 298 meetings on the week from the 7th till the 11th of February, in order to kick off solidarity projects. has now provided these new groups with an online
campus where they can share ideas, forums and projects.

Translation by Elena Robles

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