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To the Democratization of the Media

The ICT are allowing something that seemed unlikely before: the control of the media by the citizens themselves. Newspapers, TV and radios that without need of great resources have a support on the Internet to defend the universal rights and emphasize the job of NGO’s. Not long ago we mentioned the Alternative Channel. Today we mention HumaniaTV

Humania.TV is an initiative of the Fundacion Mundo 21 that breaks from a group of professionals from different media sectors of information, telecommunication engineering, design, social sciences, anthropology, economists and arts development workers that search to spread that information that contributes to the advancement of the Human Rights, globalization of values and spreading of the causes for the sustainable development and dignity.

Humania.TV has a Television channel, a Radio and a website with news that is updated and publishes all the informative news generated from any citizen organization or institution. Their reports discuss NGO’s, Foundations, Associations, Volunteer work, International Cooperation, Environment, Handicapped, Social Corporative Responsibility, New Technologies for the Development and Music of the World.

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Published in on May 2nd, 2007

Translation by Lucia Rodriguez Ilaria
on 28/05/2007
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