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Through this note, we invite you to know Mediatk, a project of, beneficiary of , and in it activities are picked up to approach the resolution of the daily conflicts and generate a dialogue and civic participation.

Mediatk (MediaTICs) searches to be a participatory portal, where the young people from ages 12 to 18 can interact giving their opinions or writing about diverse matters. You can find games, videos and habitual conflict situations in schools and neighborhoods. At the same time, Mediatk has a calendar of activities where the young people can see and send interesting activities that are carried out in their neighborhoods or towns on the same topic. These actions are combined with similar activities such as workshops, chats, games that are developed by presence at the request of schools, institutes, libraries, toy libraries, and civic centers, among others.
The idea is that young people can live and visualize the Civil Rights, individual and collective, in each performance of our daily lives and value the coexistence based on the culture of peace and dialogue. It is a positive and constructive vision, characteristic of the Alternative Management of Conflicts (GAC).
Mediatk counts on the support of the town council of Civil Rights of the City Council of Barcelona and the Department of Government and Public Administrations of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Translation by Lucia Rodriguez Ilaria
on 09/07/2007
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