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Summer Photography Competition Open: ICT and your holidays

The anticipated hot weather, low cost airlines and holiday plans have given us the idea of setting you a mission this summer. All you need is to be observant and to have the desire to put real life into images through photography.

How long is it until you go on holiday?

Do you know where you will be going?

Do you enjoy taking photos?

What does this image say to you?

We can tell you that this image is of a deprived neighbourhood in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. It shows a wooden electricity pole, which distributes the public supply, with hundreds of cables that have been connected by local residents at some risk to their lives in order to supply electricity to their homes. This electricity supply is illegal and not guaranteed, particularly not by the energy company that cuts the supply to these illegal users from time to time, impacting on their lives and relationship with technology.

As is an NPO that seeks to improve the world through Information and Communications Technology (ICT), we would like to set you a challenge for the coming holidays: take your camera and immortalise the technological state of the places that you visit. We want you to be moved as much by the beauty of a submarine fibre optic cable in the most developed countries as by that of a satellite dish in a Brazilian shanty town.

We want to know your name, the story behind the photo, your intent when you took the photo and how this reality affects certain groups of human beings. A positive image or a negative one, the important point is that the picture says a lot about the mentality and reality of the place.

The selected works will be exhibited in an album on our webpage in order to reflect on future work in the field of development on a technological level. You will be published on the condition that you took the photo yourself, it is politically correct, it is not offensive and that we feel it is in keeping with philosophy. If you have any questions regarding copyright laws you can consult the Creative Commons License. In addition, you will have to renounce any intellectual property rights when you send the photo, given that the photographs will soon feature in our publications. relies on the goodwill of participants and is not responsible for the content of works presented by external authors. Send your photos to and be published!

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Translation by Susan Partridge
on 02/07/2007
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