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Headline news and Eutôpia, a strategic alliance

This month, has initiated a strategic collaboration in many fields with the Eutôpia Association. One of the most important contributions is that the beneficiary organizations of will be able to count on advising from “counselors without borders”, the NGO associated with Eutôpia.

The Eutôpia team has incorporated itself into the branch in Barcelona with whom has received a second external project in its facilities. has been working out of there since February.

The Eutôpia Association has adopted's technological platform Ab•core to give life to their Institution’s web page and to manage it’s presence on the Internet. But what is most important is that the beneficiaries will be able to access the advising of the "Counselors Without Borders", the Eutopía Association's program for a Better World, which will help the associations and NGOs face their strategic challenges.

The first main idea behind this association is that the Companies are the engine of change in History. And therefore, they are the ones best situated to achieve a more humane, developed, sustainable and fair world now. Another company is possible.

A second main idea of Eutopía is the necessity to help the NGOs adopt management models that have been successfully tested in companies and adapted to the non-profit world.
Eutopía was formed from a series of gatherings and discussions held in different places where the independent counselors for organizational development, directors, businessmen, publicist, scholars and students of business management and psychology in the workplace and in organizations, etc. all coincided on a personal and professional life attitude based on three pillars:

- Act from within ourselves.
-Act on the generating front situated between the inside and outside of the system.
-Act from within others in order to achieve empathy and to put ourselves in other's places. 

The Eutôpia Association Network was legally constituted on the 26th of September of 2003. Its founders guarantee the Eutôpia is an independent and open association that is not involved with any financial, political or religious group. Its project is of a non-profit character and its philosophy is based on ethics, practice and poetics.

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Translation by Heather Dawson
on 23/07/2007
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