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Serret Llibres, an example of desktop publishing

The TIC are a democratization tool, there is no doubt about that. Now we will be showing you a list of books amongst which a group of Catalonian writers have managed to get published by an editorial and gone on to be widely distributed over the Internet.

The 19 Catalonian-speaking towns of the Ebro Territory created a literary blog not too long ago where they present unpublished authors from the Ebro Territory, from the North, from the South and from all the Catalonian Countries. Their work has just recently been recognized by "COSSETANIA EDICIONS" which has guaranteed them that they will publish the Blog entries in book form.

Serret llibres defends their work as one that is serious and professional and they invite anyone to visit their Blog and make literary contributions, give opinions and critique as well. There you will be able to find news, forums and a library that allows you to download some of the works. Come on and support literature in Catalan!!

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Translation by Heather Dawson
on 23/07/2007
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