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Next Commencement September 1st: Organization and Meeting Management course. courses are subsidized by the Generalitat of Catalunya and they are available for only 10% of the real price for non-profit organizations. Also, there are 10 scholarships for the first to subscribe. is an NGO that has as a goal to use the new technologies (ICT) to improve the world. One of the programs of the International Organization, with headquarters in Switzerland and Barcelona, is Ab·soo, in simple words, a training program in new technologies for NGO´s with the objective that in a near future they carry out their own training programs online according to their specific needs.

Any of the Ab·soo courses of has a cost of 500 euros. But, thanks to a grant of the Generalitat of Catalunya, these will be available for the Non-Profit Organizations, NPO´s for something more than 40 euros, without counting the first 10 to subscribe that get a scholarship to take the course for free.

The Course calendar is the following:

Organization and Meeting Management (25 hours)

Virtual Office: Administration and Project Management (25 hours)

Virtual Office: Volunteering Manager (25 hours)

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Still cannot overcome the digital breach in your organization? In the following article we emphasize again the importance that ICT´s have on the Third Sector. There is no doubt that that the information and communication technologies (ICT´s) have transformed the current society as well as the way of managing any type of organization, be public, managerial or non-profit.

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Translation by Lucia Rodriguez Ilaria
on 08/08/2007
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