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ICT's all together for peace

ICT4D is a term that is being used increasingly at present that refers to the use of the information and communication technologies (ICT´s) for the development. If the word peace is added we refer to the use of this technology in the treatment of crisis and disputes resolution. Find out about this interesting initiative.

ICT4Peace is an initiative that was born from the Swiss Government and it seeks to identify the most suitable practices and to establish a clear frame in order that the organizations use the information and communication technologies for humanitarian purposes and peace promotion.

It sets out of the general idea of that the technologies can facilitate en effective and supported communication between people, communities and the actors involved in the management of the crisis. The network expects to obtain these goals across research and defense programs and practical workshops.

The organization is creating its own Wiki with written material and tools for resolution of conflicts. In addition, to extend the capacity of action of the international community in the crisis management it has developed special templates to administrate the conflicts. Moreover, a complete centre of documentation is available here.

In addition, between 2007 and 2008 ICT4Peace members are working as a whole with United Nations, NGO´s, civil organizations, Academies and Universities to elaborate a wide range of tools in order to handle information and to support their work in a better humanitarian planning and response to it. It is known as OCHA Information Management Toolbox.

ICT4Peace invites all the organizations working in the field of the information and communication technology for the peace to joining the net ICT4Peace foundation. if you are a governmental, intergovernmental organism or not governmental you can join it, since the adhesion only is allowed to institutions, not individuals. To join the net you need to fill in the following form.

For further details on ICT4Peace you can read its estates or contact with the Foundation writing to the President Daniel Stauffacher.

The next performance in society of ICT4Peace will take place on September 12nd in Geneve in the "Taking Stock of Peacebuilding Capacity".

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Translation by Susana Castilla
on 20/09/2007
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