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Elaboration of a map that shows the digital gap of the planet

A map of the service of broadband available in the World has been elaborated by the magazine Wired, with the objective of showing the huge technological differences that exist in the world starting from a speedy internet connection, one of the most problematic points of the so-called digital gap.

The digital gap steals todays headlines all over the world. A worn-out concept, but… understood? Thanks to the magazine specialized in ITC´s Wired we count on a map that shows the distribution of technology and access to it in the same way that we measured the state of literacy in small towns and villages an their access to water. The ITC´s are getting stronger also as indicators of development and quality of life.

According to this map, Argentina, along with Canada, Australia, Morocco and great part of the countries in Eastern Europe, are the countries where an internet connection of 100 Kbps may cost less than 10 dollars a month. The objective is to show the huge technological differences that exist in the globe starting from a fast internet connection, one of the most problematic points of the so-called digital breach.

“Only 3% of the world population has access to broadband, and the prices vary widely. In Japan, an ADSL connection or through cable costs around 6 cents of a dollar for 100 Kbps and the users usually pay the 0,002% of their monthly income for quick internet access. In Kenya, the same speed costs 86.11 dollars and almost duplicates the income of an average person”, stressed the magazine in the presentation of the map.

In it one can see a certain uniformity in the region of Latin America, where the access to a fast connection can be attained for less than 10 dollars, except in countries like Colombia, Ecuador, Cuba and Nicaragua, where the same speed can be attained for prices that vary between 10 and 50 dollars.

In Bolivia, for example, a fast connection costs in average 39 dollars and there are 11 thousand subscribers to this service, but, according to Wired, which uses data from the UNION INTERNACIONAL DE TELECOMUNICACIONES, each one “pays almost half of their average monthly income to connect to the Internet”.

In the United States, where broadband service can be attained for less than 66 cents of a dollar, exist 60 million subscribers of broadband, of which pay only about 0,01% of their monthly income to navigate the web.

The most devastating panorama is of the African continent, where there is no precise data for most of the central areas, although they estimate that only a very small percentage of the population can access the Internet and those who do use slow connections.


On the other hand, Holland, with 4.1 million subscribers to broadband, is one of the countries of the World where they pay the lowest rates for Internet access.

Translation by Lucia Rodriguez Ilaria
on 21/09/2007
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