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The most popular postcard on Christmas 2007

Not long ago we informed you of the winner of our Postcards Contest 2007 but we still had to show you, as it was one of the contest’s guidelines, the most popular postcard. It was, ‘Colorful tents’ , by Luis Buruel, from Germany, who by the postcard wrote: ‘send some colour and happiness to your friends with this postcard’.

Up to the date, the Postcard Campaign 2007 have recorded 12,4848 greetings sent, 1,286 of them with this postcard, the users could choose among 80 different designs.

The winner will receive a polo shirt of and will be interviewed as part of an article to be published on the web.

Here you can see the winning design, favourite of those who sent their greetings with

Translation by Raquel Pulgar López
on 27/01/2008
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