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First Statistics on Saint George’s books download figures

After 8 days of the publication of the books on our website and now that we are less than 2 weeks away from the final of our Competition of the Day of the Book, we are giving you the first count of the download figures.

Almost 1,200 people have clicked the website to download at least one of the books that are participating in this 2nd Competition of the International Day of the Book. We are less than 2 weeks away from knowing the winner.

It is important to remember the rules of the competition: the books which are downloaded more than once by the same person will be penalised.

So far the most downloaded three books are:

1.  El Príncipe Esquivo
2.  Caldo de Picantón
3.  Larga Vida al Presidente

If you are participating in this competition, call your friends and family, or tell your work colleagues that if they click on this link they will have the chance to get to know your work and, most importantly, to have the opportunity to access a free cultural source, which can be enjoyed freely from anywhere in the world.

Keep downloading and reading!

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Translation by Beatriz Cooper
on 16/04/2008
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