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Interview with the winner of our International Book Day Contest

We have used the Internet to learn more about Ronald Castillo Florián, the winner of our Books 2008 Competition. The author already has experience using the Internet to promote his work; in fact he has a blog which he updates daily.

Ronald Castillo Florián was born in Cañete-Lima, Peru 29 years ago. He studied Literature at the University San Luis Gonzaga de Ica, Philosophy at ISET Juan XXIII and Theology at STUDIUM THEOLOGICUM in Brazil. At present, he is doing an MA in Communication Studies at the UNE Enrique Guzman y Valle.

As well as the Principe Esquivo (The Unsociable Prince) he has also written an unpublished collection of poems called “Demiurgo en agonía” (The Demiurge in Agony); two novels and many short stories. Castillo also works with the poet Leoncio Luque as an editor of Trombosis Literaria a magazine which is also published on-line. His book El Principe Esquivo was published by Casa Barbieri Editores in 2007; whilst his other work NO-SER (NOT TO BE) was published in 2008 by Ediciones Gael.

The whole of his academic and literary work is complemented by what he publishes in his blog:

- Tell us about how you felt when you learnt you had won the Competition?
Being recognised in a competition is highly valuable and gratifying, especially when this is decided by independent readers, who decide what and when to read.

- Why did you decide to submit a book to our competition?
I always visit different WebPages related to literature and that is how I learnt about the competition and without so much as a second thought I decided to send it, trusting in its sincerity and transparency.

- When did you write El Príncipe Esquivo and what was your inspiration?
This book was created in two stages, the first one or the ‘draft’ was done in Brazil, and the second one, the final ’touch’, was done in Peru. The idea came from something I heard in Brazil about soul mates. Then I asked myself what would happen if two people destined to be together are born in two totally different times. It was thanks to this idea that I started writing Príncipe Esquivo.

- Have you written other books?
I have published another book called NO-SER (Gael Publishers 2008). And I publish every 2 weeks in my blog:

- Have you downloaded any other book from the competition?
Yes. I read four books from the competition, mainly because – and this is what happens to most readers - I got carried away by the title and the synopsis of each novel.

- Do you know anything about new technologies and what we call digital revolution?
Digital revolution is a relatively new term, although if we separate the two words we use them to obtain a concept. This revolution is present worldwide and I think it is important to maintain it, lessen the importance of distance, access the news, and learn what it is happening in the world thanks to the Internet.

- What do you think about the initiative of the Competition?
In Peru books are very expensive therefore difficult to access. The internet has become a bridge between writer and reader and this competition has helped bring an audience to works that otherwise may have been forgotten.

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Translation by Claudia Robles
on 25/04/2008
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