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May 17th is Internet Day:'s Bocatics are Candidates!

Bocatics, those small capsules of simple and practical knowledge available via the Internet serve as our introduction at the next celebration of Internet Day. We invite all of our friends to vote for this tool before May 17th!

The celebration of Internet Day came about by the initiative of the Association of Internet Users (AUI), later joined by other organizations, to form the Support Committee. They invite the public to promote activities and events on the occasion of this annual celebration. The Association of Internet Users (AUI) is in charge of the general coordination of this initiative. It is a Spanish nonprofit organization established domestically in Madrid on July 5, 1995.

The purpose of the celebration is none other than to publicize and promote the use of the Internet throughout society and to succeed in making the Internet increasingly accessible to people with disabilities. The first celebration of Internet Day took place on October 25, 2005. Later, in November, the Second World Summit on the Information Society held in Tunisia approved, at Spain's request, the designation of May 17 to celebrate World Information Society Day, assuming the same objectives as those proposed by Internet Day. Since that time, the UN has invited all countries around the world to join in the annual celebration by sharing the date and the goals.

Among the new developments for 2008 are the "Internet Day @ Symbol" pastries, determined to conquer our table and our hearts. These can be any pastry, candy, cake, etc. taking the form of the well-known @ symbol, with the flavor, size, and content left to the imagination of the pastry cook. In Madrid some pastry shops have already confirmed that we can count on some of these sought-after pastries. Hopefully other pastry cooks will also offer something in their cases.

There are special activities for this initiative in Latin American countries. In Brazil, 2008 will be the second year that Internet Day is celebrated. For the first time, multimedia formats, such as video, will be included in the activities that take place in schools and telecenters. In Colombia, meanwhile, the "Connectivity Navigator" begins its journey along Magdalena River. As of April 14, Florentino Ariza, the symbolic boat from the movie "Love in the Time of Cholera," will become the "Connectivity Navigator." Equipped with computers, it will bring Internet training to 26 towns along Magdalena River in a voyage through 10 departments starting in Girardot and arriving in Barranquilla on May 16, 2008. From there, Alvaro Uribe Vélez, President of the Republic, will send out to the country the message of World Internet Day.

On May 16 in Mar del Plata, Argentina, the Assembly of Small and Medium Enterprises (APYME) of Mar del Plata will launch the next COMPRAPYME portal against the backdrop of World Internet Day. Meanwhile in Chile, interesting activities are being coordinated to make this event a day in which we are "All Connected."

Vote for's Bocatics.

As part of Internet Day, the event organizers present "Internet Days" awards. has submitted Bocatics as a candidate. Bocatics are small "morsels" of knowledge transmitted over the internet in an entertaining way, tried out by word of mouth. The "morsels" combine to make a pastry that helps bridge the digital gap. If you think ours is the best submission, vote for us here!

Translation by Kelly Wester
on 08/05/2008
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