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New site for supportive young people

The NGO Intermón Oxfam has launched a web aimed at supportive young people implicated in this institution, just like other initiatives such as la Mediatek, by Grec. looks for volunteers for summer music festivals, suggests an ideas-to-change-the-world contest and offers the possibility of winning a trip to visit a cooperation project -among many other different proposals.

Ven de festivales” –Come to festivals with us- is the name of one of the initiatives that Intermón Oxfam proposes in its recently inaugurated web addressed to: "Dale la Vuelta al Mundo". The new web by Intermón Oxfam is a new exchange space to condemn, propose and achieve a fairer world altogether, and through which its visitors can form part of a virtual community that focuses on subjects they are concerned about. The web aims to achieve new habits of participation, social action and political pressure, as well as habits of responsible expense among the youngest public (ages between 18-25).
“Dale la Vuelta al Mundo” –Put the world upside down- consists of 7 sections, an on-line radio channel and a video player. Amongst its contents, it’s to highlight the contest “Ideas to change the world”, in which the three best proposals will win a pack of records signed by the artists who collaborate with Intermón Oxfam. Equally attractive is the “Ven de festivales” section, which, for instance, encourages young people to register as volunteers in the music festivals in which the NGO will take part this summer: Festival Internacional de Benicássim (FIB), Pirineos Sur, Summer Case, Cultura Urbana and Etnosur. During the festivals, Intermón Oxfam will claim a responsible consumption of water, the most valuable natural resource we have. This Web page will also announce the dates in which the festivals will be taking place and the activities that Intermón Oxfam will carry out. The deadline to apply for a volunteer position for the festivals is on 26th May. Last summer, 150 young people contributed their time and effort to this cause.

Moreover, visitors registered in this project will add supportive kilometres up as they take part in the different activities. The person who accumulates more kilometres in his meter the last day of the first stage of “Dale la Vuelta al Mundo”-30th April 2009- will have the opportunity to visit a cooperation project that Intermón Oxfam carries out in a Southern country.

This Web presents a main topic that serves as a framework to different contents every month. For instance, in the section Viaja con nosotros-Travel with us-, the part called “Destino del mes”-Destination of the month- will consist on introducing a country and its main characters, through whom it will share some aspects of its reality. In this section we can also find a blog or contest that contains the comments and opinions from the visitors. During this launching month and as an exception, the previously mentioned “Destino del mes” focuses on Ideas to change the world. Likewise, the section “Y tú qué dices”-So, what do you say?- gathers blogs and forums dealing with different topics of the community interest.

To celebrate the Web's birth, last 26th February the concert DALE LA VUELTA AL MUNDO took place in Madrid, in which people could enjoy special and different exceptional kinds of performances- versions, collaborations, acoustics, etc.- by Marlango, Deluxe, Iván Ferreiro, La China, la sonrisa de Julia y Seydu, Nacho Béjar, Germán Coppini and Miguel Rivera and CatPeople. It was presented by the singer and actor Pablo Carbonell. The videos with the best moments of the concert and those of each group are on the web in the so-called section "Camino recorrido"-Covered way-.

Translation by Naira Pinto Puyal
on 24/05/2008
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