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List of Winners Internet Day 2008

This 17 of May, although Sunday, were decided the winners of the contests organized for the celebration of the Internet Day . contested in the category “Access” with the bocatics.

The  Internet Day Awards´, that pursuit the recognition for the effort of people and institutions to incorporate the citizens to the Information Society, are granted with the counting of the online voting and the votes of the organizations integrants of the Committee of Promotion of the Internet Day.

In this year edition a total of 335 propositions has been presented, belonging to the 22 countries of the Iberoamerica´s community nations.

In the category “Opening” Bottup win, with the contest Citizen Journalist which is current going. This prize awards initiatives pro the  expression's liberty, privacy rights, innovating business models and citizen participation. Since the past April 9th, and near a month to the closing of participation, already 89 news has been presented to the I Citizen Journalist Award, all of them original ones.

Also it was awarded, in the category `Diversity', the blog Histories of Africa, a personal initiative of Lucia Lafuente and Elena García Lafuente which porpouse is to transmit and present histories of immigrants that has arrived to Spain from the African continent.

As Better Event in the Internet Day the Olympic Arrobe (Asturias) won. With this event the Principality has congregated to more than 2,700 people and 200 organizations in a relay event of almost 1,500 kilometers from the past May 3rd.

In “Access” the award went to Chile to A Computer per kid, campaign designed to promote the free and permanent access to computers for at least one million Chilean children and youths before the 2010. Finally, in “Security”: Cibermouse, that its´ principal target is to facilitate to the parents access to the resources and places in the Network wherein they can share with its children moments of internet surfing. (Navarra).

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Translation by Juan Ramírez
on 20/05/2008
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