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Succesful conference of the Third Sector and New Technologies

With an emphasis on the preperation of informatical material and the education, the second meeting of New Technologies and the Third Sector had been organized by SISOSCAT in Barcelona. In the following article we'll present you the most important data and informations of the discussions.

On the 29th of may 2008, from 10 to 18, the foundation SISCOCAT (Society of the solidary and sustainable Information) organized the Second day of New Technologies and the Third Sector on the premises of the Palau Robert.

The inauguration had been held by Albert Pujol, who had his speech about Telecenters and its possibilities of education and dynamic sampling in the context to avoid digital fractures in the determined working field of the social sector.

Julio Zino's (Law Department) presented his work content concerning the platform la brecha digital which offers education to prisoners. His principal objective is the informatical alphabetization, to provide computers, informatical programmes and a continuously education, to create a platform for all the penal centres and to have the opportunity to include all the actions and sectors. He presented another attractive project with dyslexic scholars organized by Fundación Pedagógica El Brot and coordinated by Jordi Clavell. 

Maria Vidal of the Agencia de Residuos de Catalunya ( Department de Medi Ambient i Habitatge) had been focusing on the actual legalisation concerning electronical trash and the service of the Catalan Recycling Center ( Agencia de residuos de Cataluña ).

Ramon Altadill explained the concerns about electrorecycling and warned about the habit of sending the electronical "trash" to the third world and to call it "reusable technology". The truth is that the durability of these equipment is very low and these countries don't have the adequate technology to recycle them.

Julio Lema (Ecoasimelec) introduced the project Tragamobil about the necessity and the possibility to recycle mobiles up to 90 percent and explained how the new law is engaging technology producers on the coverage of the costs.

Further the following referents were participating in the conference:

DGIST - Dirección General de Sociedad de la Información

STSI - Secretaria de Telecomunicaciones y Sociedad de la Información

David Levy ( Real Dreams ) Subasta de material

Josep Figols ( Sun Microsystems ) TIC Sostenible y Eco-innovación

Ermen Llobet ( Ecotècnia ) Generadores Fotovoltaicos

Jesus Lanao ( Banco de recursos ) Experiencias al tercer mundo

Giacomo Calvo
Translation by Corinna
on 00/00/0000
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