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Reveal the Digital Divide in Your Vacation Photos

For the second consecutive year, is sponsoring the Summer Photography Competition, in order to reveal the various levels of access to technology that exist around the world. We suggest that you take your camera on vacation and look around. Surprise us with a photo that will make the web visitors to our site aware of the issue.

The digital divide is an overused term, often repeated, but even so, it exists. That was made clear by those who participated in the Summer Photography Competition in 2007. This year we repeat the challenge: take your camera with you on vacation and look for situations that clearly illustrate the difference in access to technology for the rich and the poor. 

The photo need not reflect a negative or judgmental theme concerning the difference in access, but the snapshot should graphically represent its existence. At, we believe that technology and the Internet are vehicles of development, and as such, those without ICT access also miss out on an opportunity to attain a greater sense of personal well-being. Below we have a sampling of photos from last year, so you can get a better idea of the objective of the competition:

.Rules of the competition

1.- The Summer Photography Competition  is conducted to reveal the "Digital Divide" using images captured during summer vacations. The photographers whose photos are selected will be considered members for one year, until September 2009.
2. Anyone may participate in the competition, regardless of age or residency, and may submit a maximum of 3 photographs.
3. Theme: photos that reveal the existence digital divide
will be selected.
4. Any style and format may be used, and photographs may be touched up using photo editing software. reserves the right to resize the images to a resolution of 650x450 pixel to 72 dpi in order to publish it in the online gallery. 
5. Photographs will be sent through a secure online form on the website. All photographs submitted without the author's information will be discarded b y the jury. will not be responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by the authors. 
6. Selected photographs will be published in the online gallery under the Creative Commons license, under which the image may be reproduced for non-commercial use in any activity and the author will be cited.
7. In the online gallery, the photo and author's name will appear, along with comments, and the name of the organization, NGO or educational institution to which the author belongs, if applicable.
8. The deadline to submit entries is September 1, 2008. Photos will be published beginning on September 8, 2008.

Good luck to everyone submitting photos, and thank you very much for your participation!

Submit your photos here  

Translation by C. Mack
on 14/06/2008
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