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Warning bloggers: this October 15 you have a commitment!

This 15th October 2008 is the Blog Action Day!. This year the topic for all podcasters, videoscasters y blogers can speak at length is Poverty. Organizers hope that for one day all of them, could leave their regular work to raise from different perspectives, a debate on this issue.

Blog action day is a non-profit annual event that seeks to unite bloggers, podcasters and videocasters of the world, to publish articles on the same day about just one problem, this year, Poverty. The idea is to increase the general knowlegde of the Internet and generate a global discussion.

One edition, thousand of voices
Global problems like poverty, are extremely complex.  There is no simple and clear answer.That's why the organization oh this event think that having such different points of view and opinions, all together, the blog action day will be an extrordinary lens to analize these different attitudes through. 

Blog action day searches to create a discussion. That bloggers leave just one day their timetable and routine. That changing the focus of attention in discussions to poverty, bloger comunity could get, according to the organization, change the conversation, and focus the attention oh the audiences of whole world about this problem.

From the most little diaries, to the great electronic magazines, fetching the EU ministers, professionals and amateurs,  it is expected that the blog action day have a total participation. Any person can take part and there is no limit  nor in the number of posts, opinions or publicated tendencies, neither the kindof post.

¿How can you participate?

You have three simple ways to participate. In, we have decided participe as bloggers with our portal Bocatics and its society section. If you want to send some articles, go on! 
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Publicate podcasts, videocast or an article about poverty  Microlendings or simply the diary profits La información sobre el día de Acción Blogera

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Translation by Sara Villa
on 20/09/2008
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