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A solidarity technology caravan, via Reursa, one of its beneficiaries, has managed to get computers that will be able to bring the ICT to the North of Africa via a solidarity caravan, which will visit Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal and Gambia.

It’s now been some years since another caravan, organised by Barcelona Acció Solidària, has been travelling through Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia and Guinea-Bissau distributing hope. It’s loaded with material that the Catalan NGO’s have collected to mitigate shortages suffered in the areas of health, education, training and infrastructure, initially detected by the Asociación Socio-Cultural Ibn Batuta (ASCIB).

This year, amongst the distributed material, there were also some computers that had obtained thanks to the help of Reursa, one of the users of the internet Ab-core platform. The computers will be part of an educational project in new technologies, which are the ones, in the opinion of, that generate development when well distributed and used.

The great achievement of this caravan is that the projects that will benefit from it have been the object of a careful on-site study that allows the detection of the most basic needs in the countries of destination. It is the local organisations that, in addition to distributing the material, have to previously make a help proposal, based on their most basic needs.

Reursa, but your organisation can also collaborate

Reursa is an urban remodelling company with a social purpose: together with the urban relocation and remodelling, the company takes into consideration the social aspects and the socio-educational intervention to improve psycho-sociologically the families and people affected by these plans, for the autonomous use of the allocated homes.

But these computers are not enough. There is also the need for working IT material, hygienic and sanitary material, school material and books in French and Arabic, that your organisation can provide us with by contacting with the Caravan organisers.

The Caravan organised by Barcelona Acció Solidària was born to mitigate on-site inequalities, but, at the same time, in Barcelona, they also offer legal advice, job notice board and orientation services for the work insertion of immigrants; information on social services and pensions; hosting of un-accompanied immigrant children and other initiatives such as cultural and play activities like a workshop on Islam, a space for women and sports initiatives, amongst others.

Translation by Beatriz Cooper
on 13/10/2008
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