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Courses on new communication tools for organisations

Following its successes in July this year, Avalon is now offering new courses on the methods of communication that have emerged with new technologoy and the opportunities they represent for the third sector. is participating as a trainer in a practial workshop.

 AVALON is a Catalan non-profit organisation that aims to act as a supporting body to encourage the growth of small and medium sized entities in Catalonia.  They provide the Association Management Advice Service for those in the initial stages of setting up. Additionally, and as a result of their links in the field, Avalon believe they have detected gaps in the training of the personnel who form these associations and are therefore focussed on enhancing entites' internal training in order to improve how they are managed, creating spaces for training, reflection, dialogue and participation in the sector.

Avalon's courses seek to give new and original responses to more demanding training needs, using its own methodology that promotes a more participative style of learning.

Participants can be Avalon entities, entities who work or have worked at Avalon, small and medium sized entities working in the Catalan associative network who wish to improve their members' training, and any paid or voluntary workers who hope to create an association in the future, who have a personal interest in the training, or those who believe the training would help them in their current professional roles. 

Next AVALON course :

New communication tools
Communication and the internet in the third sector

Dates: 29th and 30th October 2008
Duration: 12 hours
Price: 50 euros
Enrolment: - 93 412 16 94
Capacity: 20 / 25 students

The course includes theoretical content and a workshop run by

Theoretical content:

  • Introduction to communication tools
- Digital communication (e-mk):
- Web; mail; ads/ dynamic banners/SEO
- Web 2.0 (social web):
- Paradigm shift.
- New tools

  • Introduction to free software:
Blogs; Twitter; Skype;
Virtual communities (Facebook,
Hi 5, Wain, 11870),
  • Social/professional communities
(delicious, RSS, flickr or Picasa,
myspace, YouTube)
-Syncing different tools
- Google Docs

Practical module:

Setting up a blog
Integrating different tools worked on during the course and giving specific functions to each of them.

Practical workshop:

• Workshop run by
• Participative evaluation

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Translation by Philippa Hammond
on 24/10/2008
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