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II Conflictology Congress in Barcelona: attending

From October 27th to 29th, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya is hosting the second Specialists’ Congress-Meeting to analyze, study, reflect, debate, share and most of all, to discuss and emphasize proposals about the different situations in which conflicts appear. was invited to attend.

This 3-day-meeting pretends to be a space of reflection and work to develop the Study of Conflict or Conflicts Resolution due to the participation of people who will get together according to common environments or interests.

The first 2 days will be devoted to work sessions. On October 29th the working groups´ conclusions will be shown. Besides, there will be a conference in charge of Jovan Divjak, former army general from Bosnia, between 10 and 1 o´clock in the afternoon at Josep Laporte hall at UOC.

The creation of a working group devoted only to “Public Conflict” has been proposed. The coordination of this group is in charge of Xavier Pastor, headmaster of the Master on Resolution of Public Conflicts at Universitat de Girona.

The meeting seeks:
• To gather, physically and virtually, Public Conflicts’ experts, analysts, professionals and technicians at the meeting, and to ensure that it might become the birth of a stable and continuing group, to establish a study and research site. The objective is to use the internet to show the work to other people a week prior to the meetings, to acknowledge a few extra observations about the goals and eventual documents analyzed.

• To establish and compile a proposal for the identification and analysis of the public conflicts, emphasizing the advantages and inconvenient actions performed by the managing agents, and planning the management and conflict resolution improvements.

• To create a schedule for ideas, experiences and proposals, with the objective to develop the reflection, research, promotion, impulse, formation and intervention over the public conflicts from now on, and establishing priorities.

• To analyze the information technology and communications’ role in the public conflicts resolution.

• To define the potential addressees of each and every goal and proposal, and to plan a collective short-term action for the group’s attendants to develop and boost the Alternative Conflict Resolution.

To register for the congress go to the Campus por la Paz de la UOC website.

Translation by Cintra Giuliano y Marisol Santo
on 27/10/2008
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