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The 5th Christmas E-card Design Contest is Open

Attention organizations and artists! The Internet is offering you a new opportunity for creativity, involvement, and Christmas cheer: creating and sending Christmas e-cards to support charitable causes. Easily send your Christmas and New Year's greetings while adding some meaning to them. Participate in's Christmas E-card Campaign.

Do you feel like you send cards automatically and without feeling?

At we want to change the way you send those cards. is a non-profit organization. Its mission is to strengthen Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) as a tool used by charitable causes and for the improvement of society. helps non-profit organizations on four continents to communicate and work better using their websites and the best technological solutions. For the fifth consecutive year, is running the E-Card Contest, open to any person or organization that meets the competition guidelines and wants to collaborate with this charitable cause.

The idea is for individuals and organizations to send in designs. They may include a supportive or charitable slogan of their own or one that supports the work of an organization, association, foundation or charitable cause. Using's e-card system, thousands of people will click and send these messages to wish others a virtual Happy Holidays. During previous contests, Internet users have sent more than 7,000 e-cards from's portal and over 100,000 web pages were viewed. Imagine how your message and design could spread if you send it in to this contest!

What are the awards for’s e-card contest? E-card 2008 and Most-mailed E-card 2008 
What is the objective of the e-card contest? Use the Internet to share messages of support and charity or messages from Third Sector organizations this Christmas, thanks to the e-cards sent by Internet users
Who can send in designs? People from everywhere, they belong or not to a NGO
Who can send out the e-cards posted on’s website? Anybody from any part of the world who wants to send out greetings of a supportive and charitable nature.
What is the deadline for sending in my design? December 10, 2008
When can I start sending out e-cards designed by the contestants to my friends and family? December 15, 2008

Contest Rules
1. Participants

Anyone may participate, regardless of age or residence, with a maximum of 3 original and unedited designs that have not won awards in another contest. is not responsible for the accuracy of the information. The designers who submit an e-card to the contest are ultimately responsible for its authenticity and originality

2. Theme

To be accepted and selected, entries should have one of the following principal themes:

* Solidarity
* Christmas
* Actions by NGOs and organizations in the Non-profit Sector
* Outcomes of charitable activities
* New technologies

We will not accept entries whose content goes against our principles and values or that have content that the judges consider offensive.

3. Open style and format

You can use any photo-retouching program (Photoshop, Paint), include photos, or draw and scan the e-card. E-cards will be accepted in jpg as well as Flash and animated GIFs (no more than 70 Kb). reserves the right to retouch and resize e-cards to a resolution of 350 x 350 pixels.

4. Entering the submission Designs

Should be sent to using the form on our website. Data is transmitted through a secure server. Judges will discard entries sent in without the designer's information. Designers who are associated with universities, schools, or non-profit organizations should make a note of this on the form in order to give these organizations the appropriate attention.

5. Winner

A panel of judges made up of members and people outside the organization will assess the creativity, suitability, and message of the entries. reserves the right to close the contest without a winner.

6. Rights

The e-cards competition is under a Creative Commons license. The e-cards may be used for non-profit purposes by Internet users celebrating Christmas as well as by in its regular communications. The designers agree to allow to include its own message along with an invitation to support its activities. If you have any doubts about your rights as a designer, you can learn more about the Creative Commons license here.

7. Prizes

Designers of the selected entries:

* will have their creation published on's website, recognizing their design as well as their University, School, or associated NGO/NPO, if applicable.
* will be named members for 2009.
* will be candidates for " E-card 2008" and "Most-mailed E-card 2008" awards.

8." E-card 2008" award The judges’ panel will select the best design from among all of the e-cards received.

The winner’s prize includes:

* Information and Communications Technologies consultation on the Ab·consulting program framework – for personal use or for the organization he or she supports.

* Publication of an article/interview on's website about his or her collaborative work, recognizing the University, School, or NGO/NPO that he or she supports.

9. "Most-mailed E-card" award

For the designer whose e-card has been mailed the most times as of January 15.


* Information and Communications Technologies consultation on the Ab·consulting program framework – for personal use or for the organization he or she supports.

* An interview in an article to be published on's website.

11.The deadline for entries is December 10, 2008. The judges will publish the selected entries on December 15, 2008, and will announce the winner on December 25, 2008.

To all participants - Good luck and thank you very much for your contribution!

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Translation by Kelly Wester
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