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ONL: Send your best wishes and message in an easy way this Christmas

Send your Christmas cards before the 15th December to There, the photograph you send to us will be transformed into a beautiful electronic card that will allow your message of solidarity to reach far away and quickly.

Maybe your organisation has already the design of your Christmas cards.
Maybe they already contain a message of solidarity in line with your mission.
Maybe you would like your message to reach as many people as possible and as far away as possible.
Maybe you find sending your Christmas cards by post the more and more tiring and expensive every year …

                                                        would like to help you by making it easier to send your Christmas wishes

Send a photograph of the design of your Christmas cards here.
In we will transform your card into a beautiful electronic card easy to send, economical and ecological. Your Christmas wishes will always get there on time and you will have the certainty that they will have been received correctly. At the same time you will enter the 5th edition of the Cards’ design competition organised by, which, like every year, will award the initiative of those who send in their designs.

Find here the bases of the competition and …

Hurry up! Your Christmas cards must arrive on time!
Happy Christmas!

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Translation by Beatriz Cooper
on 03/12/2008
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