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Headline news signs a major collaboration agreement with the Netherlands Development Organisation

The Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV) has more than 1500 professionals located around the world who put their experience and idealism at the service of local organizations that have the potential to generate large contributions to the development of their countries. As a result of this agreement, has put its Ab·core platform at the service of SNV Ecuador.

The agreement between SNV Ecuador and includes basic internet services using the servers in addition to a communications pack constituting a range of services the organization can use to communicate through its web site. They can be subdivided into:

-A Community Pack, or a pack of services allowing users and web surfers to communicate using the internet.
-A Virtual Office, for communication and internal administration of the NGO over the internet.
- And lastly, the Ab-core Platform Educational services which make use of a virtual campus for education through e-learning.

Ecuador’s principal economic resource is oil and the second is remittances, which are very vulnerable sources of income. The SNV, with 15 years of experience in Ecuador, has identified some important opportunities that will make it possible to reach the projected goals and attain the social impact for income growth and job creation, particularly in cacao, coffee, dairy product and corn production processes. Additionally, sustainable tourism deserves special acknowledgment.

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Translation by Gregory Vigo
on 06/01/2009
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