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Alternative Channel invites you to commit yourself to looking after the planet

In 2009, the blog "commitment" within the Alternative Channel would like to encourage you to formally express your "environmental" intentions toward the planet and provide them with a real meaning. We will all create a community that commits and expresses itself, and that exchanges information on the objectives that will help our planet during 2009.

The principle behind this "engagement" is simple:

- Register on the site
- You will then receive a confirmation e-mail with a password that you will need to login.
- Once you´ve started your session, you will be able to publish an article in the BLOG showing your commitment!
- When you´ve finished, please vote for the best posts and tell to your friends and family about your published wish. Take the chance to also ask them how committed they are themselves, so that they can participate alongside all committed users during 2009.

Some of the good environmental causes are becoming a recycling or composting expert, buying energy-efficient bulbs, avoid using the car too often, prioritising local produce, launching an ecologic product or promoting a big awareness campaing on a topic that is close to the heart.

So, do you want to commit yourself as well?

Translation by Elena Robles Sanjuan
on 12/01/2009
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