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Sistema Conceptual present at Search Congress

Our beneficiary Sistema Conceptual presents its work at Search-Congress, held at Palau de Congressos in Montjuic, where Google, Yahoo y Microsoft, among others, are also giving outstanding presentations.

Sistema conceptual is presenting its work at Search Congress, to be held January 28th to January 30th in Barcelona. The conference entitled "Conocer como conocemos, para buscar a la perfección. El paradigma basado en el Sistema conceptual" ("Knowing how we know, to seek perfection. The paradigm based on the Conceptual System"), will be held Friday 30th, the same day in which greats of the ICT sector, such as  Google, Yahoo or Microsoft, will give their presentations.
Search Congress  is the first one about search engines to be held in Barcelona. A unique topic, an original format, quality talks and renowned experts are all ingredients to offer the basics about search engines. The event will be focused on search engines, SEO - SEM and search marketing, and will be divided into 2 parts: On the one hand, workshops, and on the other hand, the congress itself. Workshops will take place during the first day of the congress, Wednesday 28th, 2009 at Rey Juan Carlos I Hotel. The congress will be held January 29-30th at Palacio de Congresos, in parallel with conferences and the "Village", made up of Corners and several animations. 

Corners are thematic stands with their own program and godfather, an expert in each stand's theme. They will be held almost continuously during all the day, and will be located inside the "Village", a space for learning, dialogue and networking, with a bar, sofas and spaces for relaxation.
The following is a preview of the program which may still suffer modifications in the days and hours in which the talks will be held.

Translation by Martha Bianchini
on 25/01/2009
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