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Audio Books: an interesting new initiative from Bubok and the Asociación de Ciegos y Disminuídos Visuales

Our beneficiary ACCDV, and the online book publisher Bubok, through which we are publishing our Certamen Literario prizewinner, have joined forces on an interesting project that runs parallel to the World Book Day competition. You can also benefit from this initiative.

The Associació Catalana de Cecs i Disminuïts Visuals is a non profit organisation that provides services for blind or visually impaired people. One of these free of charge services is providing audio books so that these people can continue to share in the joy of reading.

In Spain there is ONCE, an membership organisation for Spanish blind people. However,  members cannot be immigrants or people who have more than 10% of their sight. This means that a person who has 12% of their sight, which is a very small percentage, and not enough to be able to read, is not entitled to the special prices for the equipment  sold by ONCE, such as DAISY.  DAISY is used to listen to audio books and costs €300, a price that not everyone can afford (in fact, 70% of members cannot pay this).

For this reason, the Associació Catalana de Cecs e Disminuïts Visuals has requested the collaboration of all the authors who have published their books to be sold on Bubok, in order to record their books on audio (MP3) and make them available to their members. ACCDV have agreed to send the audio files so that the authori of the texts can see the results of their beautiful work.

What this means for you: If you are taking part in Certamen, you can also give permission to, and by extension to Bubok, for your book to be recorded on audio. A twofold reason to take part in this initiative.

What are you waiting for! Take part!

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Translation by Philippa Hammond
on 18/02/2009
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