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Lebiscuno, the winner of our Literary Contest

Lebiscuno, the book of Colombian Katheryn Garcia Johana Pacheco from Bolivar in Cartagena, was the most downloaded in this edition of Contest. Jury also awarded an honorable mention to Yuna by Inma Llavería. We thank the participants and congratulate readers who believed in the importance of our initiative that the internet is also a vehicle of culture.

They say that long time ago, Selene, the goddess of the night, was crying and her tears were so beautiful and transparent that have transformed into two beautiful creatures: one had a coat white and clean as a snow, the other one – brown, with all its nuances such as a soil. Both – with blue eyes, the color of his mother, that was expressing the mystery of its creation, its four strong and slender legs, elegantly marking their steps – were so beautiful that Selene wished for seeing them. One was called Luviere, a wolf, the Lord of the frozen oceans, and the other Laycon – the Lord of the high mountains.

So begins “Lebiscuno”, the story of our World Book Day 2009 Literary Contest winner. The book tells the story of Elly, the student who is leading her monotonous life and who sees herself involved in the legend of the Children of the Moon: the Lords have cast a spell on her, which could only be eliminated if Leroy see salvation through her eyes. This story was the most downloaded in this edition of our book contest, which thus elects a winner.

In addition, the jury decided to give special appreciation to the story of Yunaby Inma Llavería Todó, from Tarragona, Spain, that inspired this article published on

In total, 43 stories were selected to participate and over 2700 people downloaded some of the stories of our competition. We thank the participants who enthusiastically sent their works, and readers who believed in our initiative. The books are still available to download at this link. The winner book is available at this address.

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Translation by Tomasz Czech
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