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Interview to the authoress of the Contest winner book.

Katheryne is 18 years old, and till now, her writing was linked to making comics and ilustrations. Know more about the authoress of Lebiscuno, From Cartagena, Colombia.

She was born in Cartagena, Colombia, 18 years ago. She recognizes that everyday she thinks about new adventures, about how the world could be just if one of my ideas became real. Despite her short age, she knows clearly writing is not a hobby for her: " I want to live from this, and from my draws, because drawing is also a part of me."

* How the idea of participating in this contest was born?
I always wanted and I want to participate in this kind of contest, thanks to I get the chance, and I didn't doubt in taking it.

 *How did you know about the contest?
While I was looking for the answer of a University paper, related to free software. In one of the web sites there was a link to

* How do you feel about having win the contest?
Happiness, pride. Just a world of feelings that makes me cry of happiness. ( Now I know how does the beauty queens feel)

+How does Lebiscuno was thought?
Lebiscuno borns from my life, from who I was, I am and I want to be. It is something to understand me better with some kind of adeventure. Just everything a girl dream of.

*What is your literary path?
My literary path, although it sounds strange, it was born from the anime. I like drawing and I created a lot of stories, designing characters, developing the plot throughout comical strips, but actually, there's nothing like transmitin those stories with words.Till this moment I've just written an entire book called "Bajo la luz oscura", Lebiscuno is the second one. But I got a lot of personal proyects for the creation of much more books. Writing and drawing are my two passions.

Katheryn hope in a future to be a writer and designer known for her good work, she would like to see on the paper her stories, see in lots of magazines her drawings, overall in tv series : " I dream a lot of things, but what I dream the most is my dreams becoming true, like creating my own animation studio and creating our own anime series with some of my friends who interest about the same, of course, that series would be based on the books I write", she say.

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Translation by Sara Villa
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