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Aid came to Morocco!

Last October we told you how thanks to REURSA, one of our beneficiaries, we managed to bring a dozen computers to Morocco via a solidarity caravan called Caravana Solidaria (organized by Barcelona Acción Solidaria).

Material came and we would like to run through the different donee projects that Associació Sociocultural IBN BATUTA (ASCIB), one of the organizations collecting aid, described Reursa and's aid as "one of the most valuable donations of this 8th caravan and pointed out the creation of an IT classroom in Ouneine's rural commune-upper Atlas of Morocco- as an example of its impact.

  • Banking on Codevelopment
Barcelona Acció Solidaria (BAS), caravan's organizer, has been working for years on immigrant’s integration in Catalonia. The caravan's target is to ship material to Catalan NGOs with projects in Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal and Gambia in order to contribute to mitigate shortages detected in the areas of health, education, training and infrastructures. Another target is to promote knowledge among the associations taking part in the initiative so that they can cooperate eventually to boost joint projects in the area.

This activity has been broadened to international cooperation in terms of development, specially codevelopment. Codevelopment involves a cooperation in which emigrants are used as a development vehicle of their countries of birth. Therefore, ASCIB's codevelopment department aims to encourage all initiatives from those Catalonian of Moroccan origin who contribute to their homeland's improvement through the development of economic, social and cultural projects.
  • 17 donee organizations

In the eighth caravan, up to 17 Moroccan organizations have received material from ASCIB in West Africa.'s aid consisted of more than a dozen computers spread around various Moroccan cities. In Tangier, the donee organization was Fundación Socio-Cultural Ibn Batuta which received 2 computers for its headquarters, as well as wheelchairs and sanitary products for flooding's victims. Another example is Asociación Monteverde, which received also a computer for the association, apart from sanitary, educational and children's products.

Other donee organizations in Tangier that received a computer were Unión de Mujeres Magrebies, Banimakada Delegation; Al Irchad School - Plaza de Toros; Asociación Al Amal de Amigos de la Salud; Asociación de Padres y Madres de Alumnos de la Escuela Preparatoria Idriss II; Association Anjra for heritage's promotion and conservation, Asociación Socio-Cultural de Rabat; Asociación TARGA – AIDE: Asociación Interdisciplinaria por el desarrollo y el ambiente en Rabat and, as an interesting fact, F.C. Barcelona supporter's club in Rabat.

In Ouarzazate, the Association Ghotarat for Tazarine's culture and development received a computer, and in Nador as well, Asociación Al Fath of hemodyalisis and sanitary development. In Tiznit, the donee organization was Association Azzaytoune- for development cooperation. ASCIB considers that the material the organizations received from the solidarity caravan has contributed to population’s living conditions' improvement and to the social insertion of the donee groups. Hence, the decisión to keep on helping has been confirmed so these organizations may carry out their work, highly beneficial to their environment.

Your organization might also benefit from next caravan. If you fit the profile, contact


Translation by Silvestre Álvarez Urbón
on 10/06/2009
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