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Headline news supports socially responsible tourism in Guatemala

For four years we have enjoyed strong ties with the Fundación Rigoberta Menchú with whom we have collaborated on various projects. At our last meeting in Guatemala we agreed to support the socially responsible tourism project in the San Lucas Tolimán area and for that we are counting on the collaboration of CETT. Yasmin García, studying for her Masters in Business and Marketing on-line, has worked on the concept and development of the Project “Responsible Tourism in San Lucas Tolimán”.

San Lucas Tolimán is a town in Guatemala that takes its name from the Tolimán volcano, lying on its lower slopes. It is the most commercially active community on the shores of the lake, the centre of an important coffee growing area and is the gateway to the Pacific coast. It covers an area of approximately 116km², is 1591m above sea-level and has a mixed population of Kakchikel, K’iche and mestizo peoples. Its most important handicrafts are stone-carving, leatherwork, textiles, basketware, wooden furniture, candles, bags and other items made from rushes which are sold in the market on Thursdays and Sundays. In addition to Spanish, Kakchikel (with a sprinkling of Tzutujil) is spoken in this district. But despite the natural potential of the area, there has been little tourist development.

The aim of the project is to develop socially responsible tourism in San Lucas Tolimán, endeavouring to get the tourist fully involved in the area, interacting directly with the local people, thus promoting the Pavarotti centre that the Foundation has in San Lucas Tolimán. In we have tried to give them ideas for the promotion of the centre to tourists using the internet, giving them the necessary tools to launch a web page specially for the San Lucas Tolimán region. The support for e-tourism, or online tourism, is based on the e-marketing studies that Yasmin is carrying out.

Translation by Bea Laszlo
on 27/07/2009
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