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Pass it on please: original Christmas Cards contest in favour of NGO

¿ Do you have the feeling you send postcards almost automatically and without sense? wants to change that. is a non lucrative organisasition with the aim of fostering Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) as a solidarity and society’s improvement tool. helps other NLOs worldwide to better communicate and work through the web thanks to the best technology solutions.

For the fifth year in a row announces the’s Digital Postcards Contest, open to all those people who want to collaborate with this solidarity action and meet the contest’s requirements. The aim of the contest is that individuals and organizations send their designs and include their own solidarity motto or one supporting one entity, association or foundation’s work or a solidarity action.

Then these cards will become beautiful virtual postcards available to be sent through, therefore the message will be broadcasted with just a click of thousands of people supporting these organizations work.

In former years, Internet users sent over 7,000 postcards through site. Imagine how many people could see your message and design if you sent them to this contest.

You will find the contest’s requirements on website and if you need to get inspired you can have a look to those we have already received.

Translation by Bea Laszlo
on 03/08/2009
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