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Let's celebrate our diversity and act for interculturality thanks to

Last june, we published an article about intercultural exchange. Nowadays, the journey is over. Margot, an volunteer, joined the adventure as a webdesign facilitator. Her testimony.

"Life is loaded with new experiences. I can not narrate you, it's an experience you have to live once in your lifetime.
It was my first intercultural exchange. I had never imagined that so much energy would gather us. Thanks to English, communication was easier but most of the time, our dialogues were multilingual.

114 participants and organizers, 15 countries, 7 workshops, 10 days, 1 show. But datas can't translate all I've learnt.

Even if I was a facilitator, I learnt a lot, as well humanly as collectively. Be permanently mixed between different cultures is something I tried to manage for several years. With, I could experiment a new way of meeting people and it was great and fulfilling.

We were there with a particular aim: we had to find a way in each workshop to represent the theme "act for interculturality". In others words, to accept melting, mixing, discovering others and above all, to collaborate all together.

I insist on this word "collaboration" because we were here to give a chance to everyone to express his/her artistic skills. I was working with Christos Athanasiadis (Greece) and our group was composed of three Italians, two Germans, one Slovakian and one Latvian. Different countries, different energies, different ways of seeing each other: the perfect mix to succeed until interculturality!

Our first work sessions were dedicaded to brainstorming. Our goal was to create a website like us and not to create a website because we had to. Moreover, our relationships with the participants were simple. We were not teachers and they were not pupils. We were just a group livening up the desire of creating a webpage.
As facilitators we were just there to help them, to coordinate the group and to guide them sometimes. We were not working, we were having fun!

Our starting point was that the word "interculturality" has no particular definition. It's more a bunch of words that describes an action, a concept. Each word is a step towards interculturality. In our webpage, words are flying ramdomly in order each user chooses his/her path and enjoys it.

Each word has its pop-up animation: cartoon, video, photomontage, sounds, text, stop motion… The webpage is a true multimedia representation! I don't say more, let's discover it:

Nowadays, the camp is over. Everyboy flew back to his/her country. is putting our life between parenthesis, let go our prejuidices and open ouselseves to receive and to give more and more. Not only is it an intercultural exchange, it is above all a human exchange. As Thomas Disch said "Creativity is the ability to see relationships where none exist." "

Margot Berg
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