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Biznelp, or the professional barter on line

In we want to introduce you to this site that enables the interchange of professional services. It is called  Biznelp, and we have signed an agreement with them that allows us to have professional services of people around the world thanks to an interesting barter. 

To publish all kind of professional requests on the internet community for different sectors and countries. This is the main objective that led to the birth of BIZNELP that has created up to now a professional network of people that help each other to resolve the needs that they have on their businesses or proyects.  The system works through a kind of credits or points called “Biznees”, which can be used to ask or 'pay' for help, or to cash the help given to other   "Biznauts".

With this deal, Biznelp and are going to be 'co-operators'. has received as part of the agreement, fifty thousand (50.000) Biznees that we can use freely during this year to accomplish our mission or to inject in the projects of our beneficiaries, collaborators, volunteers and organizations we support.  You can see now that count on help and be helpful is very easy and simple. We invite you to become a Biznelp user. If you want to know how it works, you have the manual here with all the steps to follow to make good use of this platform.

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on 09/09/2009
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