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Mobile and Internet in Latin America and Africa:

Conference on information technology and development
Mobile and Internet in Latin America and Africa: What improvements are there for the least privileged? October 23 and 24, 2009
IN3 Castelldefels, Barcelona will be present to explain the best practice developed in Burundi by the team of our partner, J.C. Kamwenubusa of the Association for Solidarity and Socio-sanitary Assistance. The title of the speech is Human Award Universal School (HAUS): Scholarships for the world school for student population of Burundi, Africa, and will be given by Ramon Bartomeus, since Jean Claude Kamwenubusa has not been able to travel to Barcelona.

Information and communication technologies are being disseminated quickly by following different rhythms in function of each technology. Around the world, almost one out of every four people is connected to the Internet. In the case of mobile telephones, the rate is substantially greater, since there are two mobile telephones for every three residents.

The dissemination, nevertheless, is not equivalent in all parts of the world. And despite the fact that the impact is lower in developing countries, it is not going unnoticed and it will progressively reach the most extensive segments of the population in both urban and rural areas. The possibilities that are open to this new scene should be observed without taking into account the risks as well as the advantages.

As such, along with communication and interconnection capability can new interdependencies can be found, new and symbolic. It’s not unusual that in many countries with higher rates of emigration that 
ICT is arriving at a faster rate.

The objective of the conferences, as will be seen in the program, is to promote debate surrounding the influence of the dissemination of information and communication technologies (ICT), specifically mobile telephony and the Internet, can have socioeconomic development in Africa and Latin America, and especially, in the most vulnerable segments of the population.

The conference goals are to present a review of the state in question of an issue that continues to grow. It also has as its objective to generate a debate on key issues related to this road that many countries in the world are just starting to undertake.

In this conference we want all participants from the different developing countries and regions in Africa and Latin America to reflect and analyze the current knowledge about the real effects of technology and communication, especially mobile telephony and the Internet, that are bringing social and economic development to their respective countries. The participation of prestigious researchers that represent different perspectives, disciplines and regions will be able to give a broad frame of reference for the current circumstances.

Translation by Cheryl "Mack" McKay
on 23/10/2009
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