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Global Eco Forum - Sustaining Together

Late last night, with the sounds of Burruezo and Bohemia Camerata, we participated in the closing of the Global Eco-Forum in Barcelona.

Under the slogan The Transition Towards Sustainability, the Forum has united the great names of European environmental protection such as Cristina Narbona, Spanish ambassador of OCDE, Dominique Voynet, one of the founders of the Green Party in France, and Dimitri Zenghelis from the Office of Climatic Change in the United Kingdom.

The videos of the interviews and panelist discussions, along with the parallel sessions and the entertaining Green Pecha Kucha Night, are available on our web page:

For another year, has joined the Eco-union initiative, forum organisers, contributing with Internet communication, live retransmission and Twitter.

We are investing in a balanced progress, in a different future, in new, greener values and habits - for the sustainable economy of a sustainable society.

Translation by Drew Hanson
on 28/10/2009
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