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MicroNGOs’ Forum

We were in the FORUM DE MicroONGs (MicroNGOs’ Forum)

The forum was held in the Juan Carlos I Hotel in Barcelona, the 27th, 28th and 29th of November. 50 people assisted full of heart, projects and realities.

Wikihappiness, a non-profit organization dedicated to promote solidary attitudes, was in charge of coordinating and organizing the event, and they did so with the discretion and prudence characteristic in them. The First MicroNGOs’ Forum was a success, and we, in, are very happy to be a part of the birth of this initiative.

Logo Forum MicroONGs
To evaluate this forum in a few lines is impossible, as the atmosphere created and people’s spirit was very unusual and unknown even into the environment of solidarity and non-profit projects.  

On Friday we were able to attend the extraordinary presentation of Ramon Selles, from the Gestalt Institute, who talked to us with a privileged vision about the step from partners and volunteers to the movement of sponsors and activists. On Saturday, the presentation from Sergio Cortés from CINK! and his vision of web 2.0 details was remarkable.’s presentation was based on telling what are some organizations doing with our tools, what was very easy thanks to the collaboration of  Escoles Compromeses, Alas para todos and Consultores Sin Fronteras   All of them are taking part in the forum and also in’s Ab·core programme.

Among many organizations assisting, we have to note the projects in India of  Streets of India with their Locos de la Colina, and Naya Nagar, in Africa of Asturies x Africa y Active Africa, and in South America as those of IKATU and Cocreadores, the latter with a huge Uruguayan sensibility that rivals with the delicacy of prospects presented by Canvi.

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Translation by Belén Abad
on 03/12/2009
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