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As the end of the year approaches it is a good moment to look back on what has happened during the year.

The team would like to record its thanks for the work of all those volunteers who have given so generously of their time in helping out the organisation. Below, some of them give a brief glimpse of who they are. office volunteers:

Margot Berg
I’m Margot, a French volunteer. I have been with for 7 months. I work on the communications side – journalism, creation of newsletters, supporting NGOs – in French. I find it a very positive experience and I am delighted to be able to help NGOs using my knowledge of the net. It’s a pleasure working with the team, they are friendly, always ready to help and, above all, up-front. Sharing new experiences is all part of my learning curve.
I enjoy travel, nature, the Internet and communications media, but also reading, going to the cinema and feeling useful.

Bea Laszlo
I’m a Hungarian volunteer working for Iwith. I love the relaxed atmosphere here and the people are very friendly too.
I’m in charge of the volunteers and Iwith bursaries but on top of that I do a lot of other things such as translations, videos, advertisements etc., There’s plenty of variety, I’m never bored and working for a good cause makes me even keener.

Clara Soler
I’m Clara Soler, I work as a volunteer for involved with the development of the Marketing and Fundraising Plan for Corresponsal de Paz.
On a professional level I have been responsible for Marketing and Communications in a number of different companies in the private sector. Now I want to concentrate my professional career on the Not for Profit sector, in a fund-raising role. has given me the opportunity to get started in this sector, and I hope to be able to use my knowledge and experience to ensure the financing and successful establishment of Corresponsal de Paz.

Translation volunteers:

Geneviève Boisjoli
Hi, I’m Genevieve form Montreal, Canada. I work as a waitress at functions such as banquets and cocktail parties, I’m also a pastry cook. I began to get interested in translating a few years ago because I like languages. Although I’m not qualified, I enjoy translating and with I’m practising, learning new things about IT and at the same time helping people learn about and understand this IT world. Apart from languages, mainly Spanish which is my third language, I am really into music: bachata, which is my favourite: I love to dance and I like to go out and be with my friends.

Elena Robles
I’m Elena Robles Sanjuán. I’m a linguist, specialising in English, a language that I love and which I use as a means of communication at work and in my private life. I have been working with for a number of years (although not as much as I would wish) translation articles from English to Spanish and vice versa. I work with this organisation because I believe that its purpose is fresh and original – at least in our country – and it gives me the opportunity to demonstrate my support.

Lyndon Pugh
I’m Lyndon Pugh, an Englishman with 40 years’ experience of translation from Spanish and Portuguese. I teach English and I now live in the United Kingdom. I work with because I enjoy it and because I learn something every time.

Cheryl "Mack" McKay
BSME, MME, MBA, MA. I have been a volunteer translator with since 2008. I live in the USA and I work professionally in the fields of administration, engineering and education. I decided to work as a volunteer because I wanted to promote’s mission.

Claudia Robles
My name is Claudia Robles Morse; I am a translator and interpreter. I love my work and I work as volunteer with because I enjoy knowing that with my three penn’orth I can help a good cause and people in need and translate into various languages messages that are important to all of us. I find that a rewarding experience and I would like to carry on doing it as much as I can.
I love travelling, reading, music, art and sport.

Nathalie Guillou
I am Nathalie, I have been a translator for 11 years, a great fan of new technologies. I work for large companies but I have always wanted to try and help those in need as far as I can, so I translate for and help children who find things difficult in the classroom. I do what I can!

Claudia Fernández Bagan
I am from Olesa in Montserrat but I live in Barcelona.
I have been out of work since leaving my job as a secretary in order to go round the world. This trip changed my life and when I returned I decided that I wanted to dedicate myself to working for other people. I started to do various voluntary jobs and in the process came across for whom I translate articles into Catalan; I really enjoy this because I can do it from home and at the same time I’m learning a lot about new technologies and NGOs.
What I really like doing is travelling, eating chocolate and drinking coffee (oh… and heavy music as well!)

Jennifer Hernandez Erro
My name is Jenni Hernandez Erro. I’m from Iruña but I was brought up in Paris and, from the age of 6, in Barcelona. I am now in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. I am a nature therapist so really my training has nothing to do with my collaboration with you. I got the chance of working with you thanks to the website Judging from the translations that you sent me it seemed a very worthwhile collaboration; I think it is important that everyone should have access to this information without the barrier of language, so here I am covering French as best I can and I hope to carry on doing it for a long time.

Silvana Cuoghi Samanta Martinenghi
Conexa was born out of the experience gained during several years of involvement in different fields connected to language. Focused on achieving expansion objectives on a global scale we learned to understand the fundamental role of the translator as a manipulator of language where the main objective is to connect, unite, serve as a channel of communication, in fact….be Conexa.
And so, as qualified and independent translators we undertook our own project: provide a personalised and integrated bilingual service that fulfils the expectations of our clients in both turn-round times and quality, meeting his communication needs.

It has been an enriching experience to have been able to work with this year. We believe firmly in the great value that Iwith provides; being a part of this community demonstrates the constant interdependence of each one of us and our community. We are proud to be able to help Iwith promote communications and information technologies as a useful tool, and more importantly as a tool by which society improves and grows every day though the support of each and every one of us.

A happy and prosperous 2010!

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Bea Laszlo
Translation by Christopher Carver
on 23/12/2009
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