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Agroecology, a fair and responsible alternative

With over a billion people worldwide going hungry, one of the major challenges of the XXI century is to produce food for an increasingly crowded world threatened with global warming.

Temperature increase is only one factor. We should add the loss of fertile soil, which is essential for the development of cities, and the salinization and desertification of land, as well as water shortages and other problems such as pests.

This is precisely the conclusion of the Eighth Conference on Fair Trade and Responsible Consumption we attended last weekend. This conference was organized by Xarxa Consum Responsable and the El Espacio por un Comercio Justo Network.

What are the proposed alternatives?

Eduardo Sevilla Guzman, from University of Córdoba and one of the speakers at the Conference, considers agroecology as a viable alternative to the actual agribusiness model:

“Agroecology is based on the ownership of the small farmer, on ecology and on the ecological management of natural resources. This is a new concept within the old method. We should learn from those who live off the land, as the Aymaras of the Andes who settled in the region many centuries before the Incas, and who have survived to the Spanish conquistadores and are still there”.

“In order to curb the food crisis that emerged in 2008, we will need new methods, new technologies and even new crops and new farming systems”, adds Professor Sevilla Guzman.

“And not only that. Soon we will be forced to reject old ways in order to find new values and lifestyles, healthier and more sustainable”. Foundation works in close collaboration with organizations active in this field, such as the  National Coordinator of Fair Trade, Veterinarians Without Borders and the Fairtrade Labelling Initiatives. provides Internet communication solutions through its Ab · core program.

We’ll keep working.

Translation by Pamela Gulijczuk
on 08/03/2010
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